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Make a Friend. Be a Friend. Bring a Friend to Christ.

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Who We Are

Our Christian Identity

AO School of Leaders purpose is to create leaders who will Christianize their environments. This is a place where Cursillo leaders come together to share ideas and learn about the charism while living and sharing their 4th day experiences.   We strive to build Christian relationships and support our brother and sister Cursillistas through Ultreya and Group Reunion.


To Be On Pilgrimage Is

to journey to the Father through Christ, with the help of Mary and all the saints, bringing your brothers and sisters along with you.

What We Hope

Some men and women, with the help of 

science and economic support,

have travelled the distance from 

their exterior all the way to the moon;

we intend to do something immensely

more difficult: to go from the exterior of the person to the interior, 

in order to better know the way

to ourselves

and the way to others, 

to become more aware of the wonder of our life

journeying together with our fellow human beings in

the adventure of becoming a person.

                                 PG, p 11

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Eduardo Bonnin

Cursillos's Founder, Eduardo Bonnin, referred to himself as "an apprentice Christian." Three principles that guided Eduardo were the love of God, Friendship, and the Person - especially the far away. From these guidelines, study of the faith, and a burning desire to revitalize his environments, the Cursillo movement was born.

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Turning Interest Into Action

The School of Leaders is the Reunion and the Ultreya of the leaders. Its function is to provide members with a means to spirituality, formation, and Christian Community. It is the vehicle that gives leaders the tools to continue on and help others with their constant conversions.

Pope Francis with members of Cursillo mo

I thank you once again for this meeting. I thank you for all that you do in the Church, which is so beautiful: helping people to encounter Jesus, helping them to understand that it is beautiful to live in God’s grace. It is beautiful! I thank you so much and I ask you, please, to pray for me. Pray for me because even the Pope must be faithful to the Holy Spirit.

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